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Experiencing  the joy of flight can be one of the greatest experiences anyone can have.  The rich history of aviation has inspired generations.  Whether you are interested in flying as a career, a hobby, or just want to know more, our camp will provide a great experience.

ASCEND 2023 will take place June 19-24, 2023.  The ASCEND summer camp is a week long day camp that immerses our campers in all aspects of aviation for hobby or career.  It doesn't matter if your interest is in being a pilot, a avionics technician, an A&P mechanic or airport operations there is something here for you. 

Our camp is based at the EAAgles Nest, the home hangar of EAA Chapter 1083. The EAAgles Nest is located at the Mid Carolina Regional Airport on North Carolina Highway 29, just off exit 71, Peeler Road Exit of Interstate 85. 

 With the generous support of many public as well as private donations, we have made this program a tremendous success. Many of our past "campers" have already gone on to start in their aviation career and hobby activities.  Some have received their pilots licence for solo or full private pilot privileges while others have gone on to aviation universities such as Embry Riddle and now been hired in many aerospace industries.

The camp is open to all teens between the ages of 13 and 17.

ASCEND offers a glimpse into what a career path could be like for you. If you dream of flying, or working in the aviation industry, then fly the dream this summer!


. Have fun with hands on aviation activities.
. Learn about a wide variety of aviation career opportunities. 
. Learn the history of aviation, the "language" and the physics of flight. 
. Meet new people with similar interests.
  . Fly the flight simulator. 
. Meet and talk with pilots, technicians, and other aviation specialists. 
. Pre-Flight an airplane, check the weather, create a flight plan. 
. Take a flight with an experienced, licensed pilot. 


When  .. - June 19-24, 2023
Who  ..   Youth between the age of 13-17.
Where .. The EAAgles Nest - Mid Carolina Regional Airport, Salisbury NC 

Tuition is $200.00 for campers who register before May 15, 2023. Tuition rises to $225 for registrations received after May 15, 2023.
Tuition includes:

. Lunch and snack each day
. Special T-Shirt
. and more
Note: a limited number of need-based sponsorships are available to first-time campers only.

Click here to download the 2023 application (Adobe Acrobat)